Dr. Swetlikoff offers several naturopathic medicine assessments including:

Comprehensive Health History

Physical Examination

Detailed Laboratory and Functional Testing using a variety of blood, saliva, urine, and speciality analysis:

  • Darkfield Blood Analysis
  • Biological Terrain Assessment
  • Computer Regulation Thermography
  • Electrodermal Testing
  • Bioresonance Therapy


Darkfield Blood Analysis:
Darkfield Microspcopy is the microscopic examination of freshly taken blood. The darkfield blood examination is an appropriate test for patients:

  • desiring optimal health
  • having chronic diseases
  • interested in disease prevention
  • prone to recurrent infection
  • with questions concerning toxicity, (amalgam, chemical, drug, metabolic, etc).


Darkfield Microscopy is one of the most important examinations applied at the clinic. A single drop of blood placed on a slide and then viewed under a specialized microscope (darkfield lens) enables us to assess the inner terrain (chemistry) of the body and to examine for healthy cellular function. Instantaneously, we are able to see characteristics in your blood that is consistent with health or changes that are directly impacting your health. This test is based on 60 years of research amassed by Dr. Gunther Enderlein.

Darkfield Microscopy immediately provides important information on immune system health, nutritional health, excretory and detoxification capacity, oxygen utilization and ones propensity towards degenerative tendencies is immediately determined. Even so called “healthy” people may have an unhealthy blood picture. If this picutre is not corrected may in time begin to experience symptoms of declining health. Most importantly, the test shows how well your body is responding to any chosen therapies. Since the blood picture closely mirrors health, by monitoring and comparing blood samples taken before, during and after the implementation of some treatment, its success can be quickly ascertained. Darkfield Microscopy is a specialized blood test and does not replace standard blood tests, either by normal microscopic examination or by blood samples sent to laboratories for evaluation.The exam takes about 15 minutes and is repeated 4-6 weeks later to monitor improvements in health.

The Biological Terrain Assessment:
The Biological Terrain Assessment (BTA) is a sophisticated medical device that allows us to gain a greater understanding into what is going on at a deeper level within your body. Your BTA analysis measures values called:

  • pH
  • redox
  • resistivity


These values provide a great deal of information, including: measurements of the acidity and alkalinity of your body, whether the enzymes in your body are functioning properly, and whether digestion and absorption of vitamins and minerals are occurring adequately.

These values can indicate whether chemical and biological stresses are making your body more susceptible to illness. Often very subtle yet potent influences can exist within a person’s system that standard laboratory tests are not equipped to detect or measure. A Biological Terrain Assessment can help detect the presence of these influences, which can include but are not limited to:

  • fungi
  • lack of adequate vitamins and minerals
  • lack of oxygen delivered to cells
  • pollutants
  • viruses
  • xenobiotics (environmental toxins).


Although the Biological Terrain Assessment does not diagnose a specific condition or disease process, it does provide extremely valuable information about the underlying biochemistry or Biological Terrain of you body.

Computer Regulation Thermography:
Thermography simply means measuring heat. Precise and free from error, electronic thermo-sensors determine within seconds and with great accuracy the “temperature pattern” of human skin. A connected recorder graphs the determined values. With a trained eye we can:

  • detect any deviation from the physiological norm
  • identify it as an inflammatory or a degenerative change of the corresponding neural segment


This simple and risk-free diagnostic approach measures the skins’ temperature twice, before and after cooling. The cooling forces the body to respond with temperature regulation, and each body part must change temperature upon this stimulus. These reactions provide further, important, diagnostic hints concerning the bodies ability to react of not only the whole organism, but also each single body part being measured. Concerning the different organs, do we find a normal, a decreased or an excessive reaction? Each area of the skin is connected with the internal organs belonging to it segment through a neural arc via the spinal cord. Therefore, the regulatory pattern of the skin represents the functional state of the corresponding organ. Thus we receive a mosaic of individual data through our thermo regulation diagnosis, whose evaluation through the trained physician provides valuable insights into overall condition of the organism and its ability to function. In difficult cases we often find:

  • indication to yet undetected diseases
  • hidden causes and dangerous sequelae
  • relationships between focus (appendix, bad teeth, paranasal sinuses, and tonsils) and chronic disease


The most important and surprising fact is, that these thermal changes are first signs of functional disturbances, revealing them years before they become obvious or before they are proven clinically. Even young people, feeling perfectly well, can be informed about weak spots in their bodies on the basis of their thermogram. Thermography represents a true “preventative medicine” which helps to avert disease. As thermograms enable the progress of recovery to be followed they provide a valuable aid in monitoring the progress of ongoing therapy.

Electrodermal Vega Testing:
The Vega Machine is a tool used in bio-energetic-medicine. Its basis is the concept that the first sign of abnormality in the body is an energetic or electrical charge change in a cells or organ tissues. If these abnormal electrical charges are permitted to continue, a structural changes will occur, creating a condition for disease and degeneration to occur. Western medicine is the only medical system that does not have a vitalistic approach to illness and has no concept of biological energy. All other forms of medicine practiced, have some concept of vital force or energy of some description.

The Vega testing measures electrical conductivity across the skin at acupuncture points. A mild voltage is applied with a hand electrode over an acupuncture point on the finger or toe while the patient holds another electrode to complete the circuit. The conductivity is measured as part of a Wheatstone bridge circuit.

The Vega Machine is useful in assessing the following:

  • food sensitivities & intolerances
  • environmental sensitivities & intolerances
  • airborne sensitivities
  • organ weaknesses
  • potential harmful reactions from both medications
  • mineral deficiencies
  • vitamin deficiencies
  • potential infectious agents.


Diseases that may also due to food sensitivities or organ weakness include:

  • fatigue
  • headaches
  • sinusitis
  • recurrent respiratory infections
  • ulcers
  • Crohns disease
  • eczema
  • acne
  • asthma
  • palpitations
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • ankylosing spondalitis
  • recurrent cystitis
  • learning disorders
  • hyperactivity.