Your first visit with Dr. Swetlikoff will be a 45-minute private consultation at which time your main health concerns, health history and medical records are carefully discussed and reviewed. This visit is an opportunity to get to know Dr. Swetlikoff and to begin the process of setting up a program that will best serve your particular health needs.

Special attention will be given to your medical background, please bring the following to your first visit with us:

  • Past medical records and diagnostic test results
  • All of your current medications and supplements
  • Important questions and/or concerns.


Prior to your meeting with Dr. Swetlikoff you will be asked to fill out our New Patient Form along with a Consent for Care Form and an Authorization of Release for any medical records that you were unable to provide at the initial appointment.

Dr. Swetlikoff will review the information provided and will work with you during this time to develop a comprehensive plan for your heathcare needs. Dr. Swetlikoff will review the diagnostic and treatment options and present the next steps for your personalized health care approach to wellness.