Dr. Swetlikoff is committed to a fundamental wellness approach. His healthcare mission is based on:

    • committing to helping you during your journey to vibrancy and better health,
    • empowering you to take charge of your body, your mind and your overall health, and
    • providing you with exceptional personalized patient care, while striving to enable you to understand your current health status and mobilizing your body to heal.


Dr. Swetlikoff has over 20 years of experience in the field of naturopathic medicine and has helped thousands of patients heal and regain their health. In the strive for better health and wellness, Dr. Swetlikoff specializes in identifying and treating the underlying causes of disease. He goes far beyond simply suppressing or treating the symptoms of disease. Dr. Swetlikoff can help

      • activate healing and awaken personal healing power,
      • root out the underlying cause of disease or body imbalance,
      • restore body balance, and
      • treat the mind, body and spirit.


Dr. Swetlikoff can also

      • sift through the myriad of options available and their relevance to someone’s condition and goals, and
      • teach patients what they need to maintain wellness, to achieve longevity, and to awaken their personal healing power.


Where Does Disease Start?

Where does it come from? How can we stop it? How can we prevent it? And most importantly, how can we heal from it? These are all very common questions that we have when it comes to disease. Disease is the expression of the body’s breakdown in balance and regulation. In order to understand fully the complexity of disease, we need to acknowledge the roles of each of the following and appreciate the influence that each has to each other and to our body as a whole:

      • Biochemistry (correcting chemical processing within the cells of the body)
      • Diet and Nutrition (we are what we eat and, more importantly, what we absorb and utilize)
      • Energy (hormonal balance, ensuring optimal physical & cellular energy)
      • Function and Detoxification (eliminate harmful microbes, stressors, and toxins that cause dysfunction in the body)
      • Mind (connection to purpose and self; healthy beliefs and thoughts; development of conscious and unconscious mind integration)
      • Neuro-endocrine System (integrating the autonomic nervous system, energy system, and immune system;  mental and emotional health, and coping with stress)
      • Physical and Structural Health (health of organs, nervous system and tissues)


Dr. Swetlikoff’s approach is based on a unique model that recognizes that physical disease as the manifestation of emotional, energetic, functional, and mental disturbances. He understands that the mind is central to the wellness of an individual.  He believes that wellness is a conscious choice, available to everyone and that every person has incredible power to heal, once that power is released.

 How Do We Do Understand The Root Cause?

Dr. Swetlikoff’s unique approach incorporates the following by which he creates a complete and integrated map of the health of you the patient:

  • thorough medical history
  • physical examination when required
  • comprehensive laboratory testing for both disease and function
  • biological medicine
  • resonance homeopathy
  • functional medicine
  • energetic medicine
  • mind, body, spirit healing and support


Once a complete health map has been created for a patient, Dr. Swetlikoff determines what is the most effective treatment for the individual. This treatment is based entirely on the unique health circumstances of the patient.